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1  SAMPLE PACK OF AQUA SPAWN – A new low weight and bouyant jelly-like hook bait “Realistic Synthetic Spawn” designed for the hook, for use in the margins, gentle casting, cluster and hair-rigging. The bait is very simple to use, suitable for all course fish including CARP. There are a huge amount of options available on how you enhance your Aqua SPAWN by adding any flavour, scents and additives.


Angling Times magazine tested this product and reported it out performed maggot 4 to 1 cast for cast.

This product is capable of holding 200-400 times its own weight – in either water or flavouring

Suitable for all coarse fish species including carp. Natural or flavoured 4-15mm – you control the size of bait you want. (activatiing the Aqua Spawn to 12mm-15mm will make it more prone to tear as the outer layer is thinner, to counter this use a mesh/bag etc or you can just let them naturally dehydrate to a smaller size for casting).

No waste product  –  at the end of the days fishing, if you have any left it can be left to dehydrate (naturally) were it will revert back to its original size so that you can save it for your next big fishing day.

A few more details for you to ponder over….

  • Aqua-SPAWN ™ is the worlds 1st “Synthetic Spawn” (fish egg roe)
  • Suitable for all-year round fishing – *even in sub-zero temperatures!
  • All fish species love to eat fish eggs
  • Designed to be used on the hook or hair rigging
  • Can be cast gently (4-8mm size) or larger (15mm) for use in the margins
  • Thousands of flavour possibilities – maybe you’re an angler looking for that edge?
  • Looks like the real thing – contains realistic embryo blood vessels
  • Soft, lightweight and delicate – perfect shape and size, acts naturally in the water
  • Capable of holding 200-400 times it’s own weight in water & flavour
  • The most absorbent bait available in the world – leeches out tons of flavour and attractors
  • Attracts all known fish including Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Chub, Trout, Salmon etc.
  • Can be kept in the fridge or *freezer (without it freezing) to -46.5 (°C)
  • Contains only naturally occurring inorganic substances
  • All methods including: hook, hair-rig, snowman, double or treble up, cluster and loose feed etc.
  • Experiment with thousands of flavours, brilliant bait for all seasons – even ice hole fishing
  • Can contain up to 95% pure liquid flavour – the very best fish attractor you will ever find (FACT)

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