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All About Yorkshire Worms


  1. Our lobworms are very well conditioned, they are toughened and well looked after to arrive to you in peak condition! The safe bedding we keep our earthworms in is an excellent blend of natural products blended together to the right consistency for lob worms to thrive in.

  2. We also feed our worms on a food that contains only natural products.

  3. Our extensive range of worms have now been increased further to include QUALITY Earthworms (Lobworms) and CARP Baits.

  4. These exciting new baits can be used with our worms – if you want an ‘edge’ these are a ‘must try’ product.

  5. We use only quality packaging materials to ensure the worms flourish in their surroundings whilst in transit and get to you in the best condition

  6. Worms are only EVER packed on the day of postage only – NEVER packed before this.

  7. We designed this website with one goal – to make it easy to buy our worms and products online, SAFELY, QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY.

  8. You don’t have to register with us, we always endeavour to provide the best possible service, if you have any queries or questions just use the ‘contact us’ page or ring 07462 474223

  9. We aim to constantly improve our methods and processes to at least guarantee our high quality standard, ensuring the good health and longevity of our fishing worms, compost worms, wormery worms and our much sort after garden earthworms (lobworms).

  10. Our superior quality worms will arrive ready to work and are a great bait for fishing or a way of starting to recycle your own kitchen waste by turning it into organic compost/fertiliser. Once the worms have settled you will be surprised on how much waste the worms can consume and how fast the worms can breed. Just a few simple rules on caring for your worms and they will live and breed very happily.


We supply quality dendrobaena Worms, tiger worms and lob worms, we ship direct to your door, we use the royal mail or a chosen/reputable courier, distributing to anglers, clubs, shops, reptile owners, composting and wormeries to name only a few.

Our system allows us to fulfil small orders and large orders of worms with the same exacting standards everyone expects, whether you require lobworms (earthworms/garden worms) or the first choice in fishing and composting ‘dendrobaena worms’ to use on a fishing trip or as a live food for your reptile or for use in Composting, Wormeries or on the Garden, ensuring you receive the very best of services at all times. A service that makes you want to return to us knowing that we provide quality worms, that we are fast/reliable and you know your getting what you want when you want it.

When you buy dendrobaena worms, tiger worms and lobworms from ‘’ you don’t just buy our quality dendrobaenastigers and lobs you also receive our first class service and advice – we are always here to help and advise where possible in a friendly manner either by phone or email.


Our aim is to provide you with the best fishing worm live baits and composting worms you have ever used.

Dendrobaena Worms and Tiger Worms are by far the best worms for fishing bait and worms for composting, dendrobaena worms and tiger worms are tough, agile, vigorous breeders, big eaters and in good conditions live a long time.


  • Keep the worms in a moist environment
  • Keep the worms cool and out of sunlight
  • A cool garage floor is perfect for initial storage

Our fishing, composting/wormery worms can be kept in refrigerators at temperatures (4-6 Oc). If keeping in live bait boxes please ensure lids are secure with plenty of air holes. Fishing worms will wander in the dark.


The impact composting/wormery worms have on our lives is quite diverse:

  • Our composting/wormery worms are a great helper in recycling a wide range of wastes: domestic, horticultural and equestrian wastes.
  • Our composting/wormery worms can be used to both improve soil and help in land reclamation, Worms and their by-products are loved by fish: helping anglers to catch fish, even the castings the worms produce are rich in nutrients and a fantastic product to use on your garden.

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