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As always, fast delivery and secure packaging from Yorkshire Worms (our postman isn’t so keen though!).
The worms are live food for our Axolotyls (AKA Mexican Walking Fish) and we have not had any problems with delivery or quality of the worms.
The worms are not to my taste but the Axolotyls do swim to the surface to take worms from my fingers or tweezers if my wife is feeding them, so we do presume that the Axolotyls do enjoy them.
I highly recommend Yorkshire Worms for quality, service and speed of delivery.

Peter Hayton (verified buyer)


We work hard to make sure our prices are the most competitive around – all to save you money.


We dispatch most orders the day after they are received, this helps you to get your Worms fast and in perfect condition.


We have a very wide selection of worms for our customers and all worms of the highest quality.


We specialise in selling fishing worms, composting worms and worms for live food bait online in the UK. with a fast and friendly service, we have a range or worms to suit all your needs. Our quality worms are used in Fishing, Wormeries, Composting and for use as a live food source for reptiles and improving soil conditionsDendrobaena worms are tough, agile, lively worms and have exceptional durability in cold water.

The demand for our quality dendrobaena worms and tiger worms to use as compost wormslive food for use in averies for reptiles and birds and fishing worms are also on the increase, in which we have noticed a large increase in online orders over the last year. In good conditions dendrobaena worms breed vigorously and can eat more than half their own body weight every day. Whether you’re after dendrobaena worms small, mixed or large – we have all you need, not only sizes but a huge range of amounts/weights as well.

For fishing we have a variety of different worms available to buy online today and be shipped to you the next working day! All of our worms are tailored for catching different fish depending on breed and size. Our top quality lobworms, for example are perfect for fishing for salmon, perch, pike and catfish, as well as being perfect to add to your livefood for reptiles or adding lobworms to your garden to improve soil quality and drainage.

Our extensive garden worm selection includes the very best earthworms available for your yard. These hard-working garden worms are brilliant for composting deeper under the surface and turning organic material into nutrients for the ground. Not only do earthworms improve the structure of your soil, but they also create pathways for water and air even in clay soils, allowing plants to grow their roots. Browse our online store today to find the perfect earthworms for your garden.  Our garden worms are sold in different quantities to fit the needs of all gardens!

You should be able to find and buy the amount of worms you need easily online today – if you don’t see what your looking for – just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you…


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