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Lobworms, garden worms and earthworms

Worms are a vital part of the eco system of our soil. They are always hard at work, aerating and tilling the soil, helping to keep it fertile. Earthworms add nutrients and minerals into the ground, improving soil conditions and helping plants thrive.
The team at Yorkshire Worms are knowledgeable when it comes to supplying earthworms across the UK. If your garden has clay soil, or soil that doesn’t drain fast enough, our selection of garden worms could be the solution you need.


Lumbricus Terrestris are commonly known as lobworms. They dig deep into the soil, making permanent burrows. This makes your soil more porous, giving nutrients and fertiliser easier access to the roots of plants.
Lobworms pick up dead leaves, twigs and decaying matter, bringing it deep down into their burrows. They then work with soil mineral particles and break it down into water-soluble nutrients.
Other ways lobworms can benefit gardens:

• Boosting soil structure and fertility
• Faster breakdown of waste materials
• Looser and more manageable soil

Garden Worms

Garden worms can usually be introduced to your soil at any time of year. However, be careful not to add them to frozen ground, or when hot and dry weather conditions continue for an extended period time.
Garden worms love warm and moist soil. They are most active when the weather is mild. Soil conditions are not as favourable for worms in more extreme temperatures during summer and winter. They are great at aerating the soil. This helps roots grow deeper, leading to larger, sturdier plants.

It’s worth keeping in mind that garden worms tend to produce worm castings. If this is a concern, compost worms would be a better option.
To add garden worms to your soil:

• Dig shallow holes 1 square metre apart
• Add around 10 worms
• Cover worms with soil
• Ensure worms are covered securely, to prevent birds digging them up


Earthworms are one of the most effective tools for boosting the quality of your soil. Gardeners love them, as they are a cost-effective and natural way to bring out the best in any garden.
We provide some of the best quality garden worms, which you can purchase online. Worms are hardy and versatile, and will benefit any type of soil, including clay soil, which can be tough to manage.

Caring for your worms

While worms are great at making a better environment for your plants, it’s important to look after your garden to keep the worms healthy.
Here are some ways to do this:

• Avoid digging too deep into the soil
• Mulch the soil, using grass clippings or leaf litter as food for worms
• Keep away from pesticides – these can kill off your garden worms