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Feeding Worms To Axolotls

Its great when a customer forwarded us some very useful information/hints and tips on feeding Axolotls worms so rather than just being useful to us at we decided to post this information on our website to help everyone. If you fancy contributing some information/hints or tips to benefit everyone please send them to us […]

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Beginners Guide To Making And Maintaining Your First Wormery

What is a Wormery? How do I make my own wormery? What do I feed my worms? How do I Look after my wormery? What are worm casts? How do I Harvest the compost from my wormery? When is the best time to startup a wormery? What do I need to do to the wormery […]

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Make Your Own Wormery

Why Make Your Own Wormery? Making your own wormery is an excellent way of turning household and garden waste into a nutrient-rich compost. Different from conventional composting, wormeries are environments designed to house worms, assisting the composting process. 

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Make Your Own Compost Bin

Why Make Your Own Compost Bin? Making your own compost is an ethical and environmentally-friendly way of disposing of household and garden waste. Ideal for gardens of all descriptions, compost helps create nutrient-rich soil. 

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Salmon Fishing With Worms

Ideal for salmon fishing, lobworms are acknowledged to be one of the best live baits to catch trout. A favourite of fishermen, lobworms entice larger fish which make achieving that catch of the day all the more easy.   What better way of letting you know that we have excellent worms than by reviews and […]

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Trout Fishing With Worms

Ideal for trout fishing, Dendrobaena worms are acknowledged to be one of the best live baits to catch trout. These plump worms entice the fish, giving you a greater chance of getting the catch of the day. Able to survive in cold water for prolonged periods of time, Dendrobaena worms are ideal for those fishing […]

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