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Make Your Own Compost Bin

Why Make Your Own Compost Bin?

Making your own compost is an ethical and environmentally-friendly way of disposing of household and garden waste. Ideal for gardens of all descriptions, compost helps create nutrient-rich soil. 

Making your own compost bin is much easier than you might think. You can choose from a range of designs, shapes, sizes and materials – allowing you to completely tailor a bin to your environment. All materials used should be good insulators. This benefits the composting process.

Compost Bins: The Basics

Always allow for air penetration with ventilation gaps. The ideal moisture content is between 50-60%. Too much air will dry out the compost. Too little air will leave your compost very wet and the composting process will stop.

Make a removable side. This allows you to add more compost, and remove an amount to add to your soil. Whether you’ve chosen to construct your compost bin of wooden slats or corrugated iron or plastic, incorporating a removable side is fairly straightforward.

Make a cover or lid. Sealing the bin will ensure the efficiency of the composting process. Lids can be made of a variety of materials from wood to corrugated iron or plastic.

Consider the size. If you’ve a large garden area a large compost bin will be required, whereas if you’ve a smaller garden area, you should only need a smaller compost bin. If the bin is too small, composting will take too long. The bigger the bin the easier the process. If you haven’t the space, but wish for a large compost bin, a double or triple bin is best.

Making your own compost bin is an excellent way of adding vitality to your garden. To find out more, feel free to contact us.

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