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Buy Pop Up Boilies, Specialised Hook Baits, and Sticky Baits Krill Online

Yorkshire Worms have provided the UK with quality sticky bait products for years

Here at Yorkshire Worms, we sell the highest quality sticky baits on the UK fishing market. From our highly popular Bloodworm Active Mix, Pellets, and Pop-Ups range to our Krill Bait Spray and Signature Pop-Ups, our sticky baits range consists of dozens of great fishing options that are guaranteed to yield results on your next trip to the water.

Fishing with Pop-Up Boilies

Pop-ups are a ball-like hardish type fishing bait rich in protein that are designed to cater for all fishing occasions. Pop-up baits are mega-buoyant and needle friendly which means they can stay popped up in the water for several days. Our selection of pop-up baits come in two main sizes, 12mm and 16mm.

12mm pop-up boilies are ideal for zigs and snowman presentations, whereas the larger 16mm pop-ups work well with chod rigs and will keep a big hook up indefinitely.

Pop-up boilies are a fantastic fishing solution and, coupled with Bloodworm Bait Glug, make an irresistible combination to any carp.

Cloudy Krill and Manilla Liquid

At Yorkshire Worms, our sticky baits range includes a variety of liquid baits that will drive fish into a feeding frenzy! Our online selection of Cloudy Krill Liquid is made using real fresh krill combined with salts and sugars to attract fish from far and wide.

Once poured into the water, the Cloudy Krill mixture forms a hazy cloud that sits snuggly against the lakebed, which gives fish the confidence and the desire to feed freely.

The Cloudy Krill Liquid pairs perfectly well with the Krill Active Mix with the option of adding Krill Pellets, Krill Powder, or crushed Krill Boilies.

Similarly, the Cloudy Manilla Liquid has been designed and tested to attract fish into a feeding frenzy. The combination of salts, sugars, and highly soluble foods will bait fish from far and wide where they will sit comfortably in the cloudy haze.

Specialised Bait Sprays

Another highly popular part of our sticky baits range is our online selection of bait sprays. Our bait spray range is designed to serve as an effective alternative to the liquid baits mentioned above.

Bait sprays are ideal for soaking hook baits for a prolonged period of time. Soaking hook baits in liquid can add a lot of heavy weight and negatively affect their buoyancy. Whereas our range of bait sprays are a much lighter and equally effective alternative.

Browse our range of Manilla, Mulbz, Pineapple & N’Butryic, and Signature Bait sprays below.

For all your sticky baits, boilies, and specialised hook bait needs, choose Yorkshire Worms.