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One Coir Block makes a whopping 9 litres of bedding! now thats VFM!






Our coir block is made from ORGANIC coconut fibre and pith, it is Soil Association Certified and comes from a renewable resource. Our coir is 100% free from chemicals and fertilisers. It is produced to be used in horticulture and has a below minimum standard for salt content which is also acceptable for animals. Our coir bedding can be used in wormeries and as bedding for reptiles to create a naturally moist environment for lizards, snakes, spiders, turtles, scorpions and many more. The Coir Block will arrive in a compressed/dehydrated form, when re-hydrated one Coir Block will make up to 9 litres of ideal bedding for use in wormeries, as compost for potting plants or as bedding for snails, tortoises, reptiles, and many other pets that like humid conditions.

All our coir block bedding is sourced from sustainable producers and it has a naturally neutral pH level between 4.5 and 6.0. Each coir block produces up to 9 litres of bedding or compost, making it great value for money. Simply add your coir block into a clean bucket of fresh water and allow it to soak until fully expanded. Prior to use you should squeeze out any excess water to make sure that it is damp but not wet.

Our coir block makes fantastic low-maintenance bedding for pets and thanks to its high moisture retention it provides an ideal substitute for peat compost particularly when used in containers and hanging baskets. It can be used as an ingredient for potting mixes, and thanks to its neutral pH levels and richness in potassium and other micronutrients there is less need to use fertilisers when planting.

For wormery owners, coir blocks provide the ideal conditions to begin a new wormery or else add to worm casts to create a finished coir compost. Each block is roughly the size of a house brick when dehydrated and will expand by approximately 5 to 7 times once water is added. When starting a new wormery it is advisable to add some used compost to your coir mixture to help introduce bacteria and fungi into the environment to start off the process.
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