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From: £6.20

These worms work extremely well in wormeries, compost, fishing and as live food for reptiles etc. Tough, hardy worms that are durable and work well in water – ‘You always catch on a Worm’.




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We know what it takes to grow quality worms, from hatchlings to fully mature large dendrobaena worms (Eisenia hortensis). Dendrobaena worms work extremely well in wormeries, compost, fishing and as live pet food for reptiles, fish and birds. We have added more catergories of dendrobaena worms to suit your more individual needs. Dendrobaena worms are approximately 1.2g in weight and 4-6cm in length and the pack will contain a good range of worms from small, medium and large dendrobaena worms.

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  1. V Atkins (verified owner)

    I purchased some mixed dendro and tigersome worms for my compost heap a couple of moths ago. They came more quickly than I expected, were well packaged and looked to be lovely healthy, lively worms. I popped them straight into the bottom of the compost heap and they seem to be doing their job as the level of material waiting to decompose has already dropped qute considerably. Very pleased and would certainly use this company again.

  2. Daniel Moore (verified owner)

    Fantastic service all round.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Excellent service my pack arrived quickly, I decided to build a new wormery as mine was getting a bit worse for wear I had previously bought from here. I bought my supplies from here again and have everything set up and my worms are now in a new home. I think the old wormery worms will be retired to the borders with the compost.

  4. Celia (verified owner)

    Easy to order … delivery really quick…well packaged …nice healthy looking worms …. axolotls are going to love these …thankyou

  5. leeuwin2004 (verified owner)

    Wow. <24hrs from order. Postie was impressed. We are impressed. Clearly the wor-rms are equally impressed by the way they dived in like dophins.

  6. Barnstable (verified owner)

    Quality worms, fast service. Well pleased with my purchase.

  7. MegJ (verified owner)

    Excellent lively worms – straight into the compost without a look back! Fast delivery and I will definitely order again in the spring.

  8. DavidB (verified owner)

    Excellent service as always, very fast delivery.

  9. Shona (verified owner)

    I only purchased 100g of worms as I just needed them for axolotl food. As my axie was a baby, I was in no rush and knew I had time to establish a small wormery for food purposes. Using a plastic shoe box and with fingers crossed, we started our wormery. I needn’t have worried as much as I did as within a few days and only one stray, the worms settled happily in their new home. 3 months later we also have a thriving worm colony with a lifetime supply of food for Geoff! Geoff loves these worms and is a happy, healthy axolotl! I’m almost sad that it worked so well as the service & quality of worms has been amazing. I’d love to do business with you guys everyday if I could! I’ve recommended you to all the other axie parents I know. Thank you!

  10. DavidB (verified owner)

    The worms arrived promptly and in excellent condition, they are now having a grand time in my compost bin. Thanks very much

  11. Andrew (verified owner)

    Bought 3 lots. 1st dendro’s & tigers. Axolotls & Weather Loach ate both. 2nd lobs, tigers & dendro’s again all eaten.
    Read a blog and only dendro’s are recommended for Axolotls & although mine have eaten them all the water has gone cloudy.
    So 3rd order, wormery kit, 500g dendro’s & a read of the very helpful blogs.
    Previous worms have been fresh, fat & very active. We actually had lots of eggs laid by last lot in bait tubs used to store them.
    Extremely happy, highly recommend after previous suppliers for 1 year their dendro’s & storage, feeding advice were not very good in comparison to Yorkshire Worms. *****

  12. Poppy (verified owner)

    Found Yorkshire worms after having some quality issues with other suppliers; very pleased as they arrived next working day, in good quality soil which didn’t smell musty (so you know they’ve been freshly packed up) Good chunky size, look healthy and no dead worms. Used as live food for Axolotls who enjoyed them!

  13. redriver.1 (verified owner)

    Very good healthy worms and next day delivery,
    You can’t go wrong.

  14. Kate (verified owner)

    We use these in our wormery which then also is used to provide live food for our axolotl. Excellent quality and well packed.

  15. Henry (verified owner)

    Delivered on time. Lively worms . Would recommend this company on all counts

  16. John Paterson (verified owner)

    My third purchase from you. Excellent service, rapid delivery and a first class product in prime condition. And a great price to boot! I wouldn’t buy from anybody else!

  17. Mr Bagley (verified owner)

    As always you get fast delivery & good service, the worms are great & they are packed well as well.

  18. Bryan

    worms in good condition and well packaged but not in the quantity expected..

  19. CS (verified owner)

    Quick delivery service and healthy looking worms well packaged. Used a combination of Tigers and Dendros to start a composter. Great fun in the first couple of days with them stretching their “legs” trying to escape and explore their surroundings! Kept a light on their box in the shed for about 14 days, they have now settled down well. Will definitely recommend Yorkshire worms!

  20. J Aggett (verified owner)

    Very very very happy with my purchase will be using Yorkshire Worms again. And i will certainly recommend you to friends and family.

  21. Hannah (verified owner)

    My axolotls LOVE these worms! Delivery is always prompt! Help is answered to quickly and an all round great site to use. Keep it up guys!

  22. J Willis (verified owner)

    Thank you for your quick service with regard to the worms and your very helpful advice over the phone.
    They are now at work in the composter.

  23. Margaret Frame (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery and excellent worms. Thank you.

  24. Maurice dunning (verified owner)

    Think worms will be here Monday ,used the company before, can,t fault them hope this lot will be as good

  25. Charlie (verified owner)

    Another great service,fast and always quality .thanks

  26. Alan Page

    Good healthy worms and very prompt delivery. They went straight into my 5-tray wormery and started feasting on the waste food. Very active bunch, writhing about, constantly! Very pleased with my purchase!

  27. Trevor Ogden (verified owner)

    The worms came very quickly in good condition and are now working away on my compost heap and seem very cheerful.

  28. Fraser (verified owner)

    Top quality worms,super fast delivery.

  29. John Reilly

    first class Seller.Worms just perfect for fishing..and a very speedy delivery..i’ll BE BACK. !!

  30. Mark Harmer (verified owner)

    Top class worms.im sure the skimmers will love them.

  31. pam (verified owner)

    great value & always excellent quality worms, a very good mix of size. superfast delivery 🙂

  32. Steve Ridd (verified owner)

    Excellent worms and quickly delivered!

    I’m sure the local perch will be greatly appreciative of them 🙂

  33. Georgie (verified owner)

    So Happy with the worms, good size variety so great scope for developing my wormry! arrived super fast and very much all alive and wriggling! Very happy (and slightly greedy) axolotl now!

  34. Lyn Lowenstein

    Very happy with these worms bought for wormeries. Prompt delivery and good packaging. Highly recommended.

  35. richard webb

    the best worms i have bought,
    They fatten very quickly with the food i bought from here.
    Very helpfull info,

  36. Lee

    Quick dispatch and no hassles even let us send it to an alternative billing address so nothing but praise for these guys,
    Very helpful and would use again for sure,

  37. pam williams (verified owner)

    fast, friendly service and great worms – as always 🙂

  38. AM (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. My second time buying. One suggestion I have is to put some guidance on the site for how many worms are needed for a compost bin by volume. I thought when they arrived that I should have ordered more.

  39. Steve Ridd (verified owner)

    Bought to start off for fishing bait and to start off my own breedery in the garden compost heap… all good healthy worms on delivery which was very quick.

    Excellent bait – and breeding well – and now winter is here I have covered the compost heap with a deep layer of grass cuttings as both insulation and for worm fodder, For bait over the winter I’ve put a supply of worms in to a 3′ x 2′ plastic trunk in the greenhouse with dampened shredded newspaper as keeping medium and on to which i dump the kitchen waste as feed and all is extremely well with that too.

  40. Elaine St John Mosse

    On the advice of a very helpful chap at Yorkshire Worms, I bought some of these to add to our cat’s latrine at the bottom of the garden (they love poo apparently). They arrived quickly and in good condition. They seem to be enjoying their new home and certainly do their job!

  41. Peter Hayton (verified owner)

    As always, fast delivery and secure packaging from Yorkshire Worms (our postman isn’t so keen though!).
    The worms are live food for our Axolotyls (AKA Mexican Walking Fish) and we have not had any problems with delivery or quality of the worms.
    The worms are not to my taste but the Axolotyls do swim to the surface to take worms from my fingers or tweezers if my wife is feeding them, so we do presume that the Axolotyls do enjoy them.
    I highly recommend Yorkshire Worms for quality, service and speed of delivery.

  42. Alex Bevan (verified owner)

    Good healthy worms . Very promt delivery . No instructions with food though.

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