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Salmon Fishing With Worms

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Ideal for salmon fishing, lobworms are acknowledged to be one of the best live baits to catch trout. A favourite of fishermen, lobworms entice larger fish which make achieving that catch of the day all the more easy.


What better way of letting you know that we have excellent worms than by reviews and endorsements by yourselves, I thought I would share the following with you…

Andy Nicholson

“Angling guide, Broadcaster, Film Maker, Journalist, Correspondent, Consultant and Presenter, whose angling TV series Tight Lines, Andy’s Angle and Andy’s Angling Adventures, previously shown on Sky were highly acclaimed, along with previous videos The Occasional Salmon, Enigmatic Sea Trout and Game Fly, to mention just a few, highly recommends Yorkshire Worms and regards the worms after years of searching for a good and consistent supplier, rates as the best he has found”.

Along with some nice specimens Andy caught using our worms “photos of fish are caught on your most excellent Large Dendrobaena Worms and Lob worms”.


Commonly known as earthworms, lobworms have been trusted as a bait of choice for generations. Able to grow to varying sizes, lobworms are ideal for fishing in fresh, salt or brackish waters, found in estuaries and open water across the UK.

Choose from our selection of large and medium lobworms to meet your personal needs. We can supply worms of varying sizes, at a quantity to suit you.

Our small earthworms are approximately three inches in length and are perfect when salmon fishing with worms. Prices start at just £6.25

Alternatively, we can supply larger lobworms for the dedicated fisherman. Ideal for your garden, these lobworms also provide nourishment for your soil, making them ideal for improving drainage and general soil health.

Place your order today. Delivery is inclusive of the price quoted. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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  1. william

    all the worms from yorkshire worms are the best ive ever used on all types of water on the cannal they are super great

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