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Very good at the rapid processing of Organic waste into nutrient rich compost




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The Tiger worm (Brandling worm) is very good at the rapid processing of Organic waste into nutrient rich compost, we often get asked which type of worm is best for composting, in short the answer is probably a mixture of both dendrobaena worms and tiger worms as both types have a huge appetite.

To help you along, we have loads of hints and tips on our blog page. The link is at the bottom of the page.

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26 reviews for TIGER WORMS

  1. Darron Kershaw (verified owner)

    Excellent service, fast

  2. Alan Matthews (verified owner)

    A great service ….speedy delivery…Good communication and the worms all survived the journey and are doing well

  3. morgandj4444 (verified owner)

    This year I have bought 3 sets of worms from 3 different companies.

    The first company I never received the worms – Not Yorkshire worms
    The second company I order 250gm and counted 19 worms in the package – – Not Yorkshire worms

    The final company I order 500gms of worms and had a slight problem with the system. However, the company fixed the issue, honoured their agreement and more importantly I actually got plenty of live, livery worms the next day. Well done Yorkshire worms for being honest, professional and actually getting worms to my home. 5 stars

  4. Samuel Duffy (verified owner)

    Second batch of 1kg tiger worms I’ve bought from Yorkshire Worms now both times excellent condition and speedy delivery absolute pleasure dealing with. Many thanks

  5. Steven Robinson (verified owner)

    500g of health tiger worms to add to the 250g I previously bought and who are doing a great composting job. Well packaged and quick delivery

  6. Daniel Moore (verified owner)

    Fantastic service all round.

  7. Hilary (verified owner)

    Arrived within 24-hours. Well packaged, happy and healthy. Great for my first vermicompost, 2 months in and all the worms are alive and eating my food waste.

  8. Frances (verified owner)

    I ordered dendrobaena and e.fetida (Tiger Worms) which arrived in a secure box, packaged separately in bags within the box. They settled in well, and I am here on the website today to order more e.fetida.

  9. elizetruter51 (verified owner)

    Very happy with large bag of very lively and healthy tiger worms. Yorkshire worms is my “go to” place to manage my wormery. Best quality and quick delivery. Many Thanks, Elize

  10. Anna (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, happy and healthy worms! Not the first time ordering from Yorkshire worms and certainly not the last time! Very pleased!

  11. Henry (verified owner)

    Arrived on day specified . Very wiggly worms . Great condition . Would recommend this company to anyone .

  12. Teapea (verified owner)

    My worms arrived not only promptly and well packaged but alive and healthy and ready to start making me some lovely compost. They are currently eating some left over apple core and a banana skin. I love your information pages for the beginner worm keepers but wish there were more! I have placed a second order for more worms because they are so good value for money!

  13. Jenny C. (verified owner)

    Tiger worms and Dendrobaena worms arrived quickly as ordered, in two separate begs inside good protective package.

    All looked very healthy, as I incorporated them into the wormery.

    Your website is clear with good information, so I could decide what I needed easily. Good value.

    But I wish website had told me to”click on the relevant picture” to access the review section. As a Great grandma on a pc in the study, I don’t automatically know what I should do with I.T.

  14. Doug Carr

    Worms arrived quickly and settled in straight away, very lively and very busy in my wormery!

  15. J (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery and efficient packing. Settling in very nicely, thank you! Haven’t had tiger worms before so am watching with great interest.

  16. Tan

    Worms arrived safely, are now chewing through their weight in tea leaves and banana skins.

  17. barneybpd (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Received worms next day in a healthy condition. Ian

  18. pete w (verified owner)

    brought my first lot of tiger worms for my compost great product very good /fast service,will be back for more after christmas.

  19. Janet (verified owner)

    Quick delivery. Healthy worms that settled very well into my wormery

  20. M>Chaplin (verified owner)

    As a ‘newby’ to worm farming I was not confident of a first attempt. I purchased mixed dendras and tiger worms, put them in with some garden compost, bedding and far too much food BUT they are doing fine, not only eating but, apparently, breeding!!
    Worms arrived promptly and very well packaged.
    First class service and quality. Recommended

  21. J Willis (verified owner)

    Thank you for your quick service with regard to the worms and your very helpful advice over the phone.
    They are now at work in the composter.

  22. mark leighs (verified owner)

    No problems with ordering or delivery, the worms were healthy and have settled into my wormery with no problems. Thanks for a good product.

  23. Trevor Ogden (verified owner)

    The worms came very quickly in good condition and are now working away on my compost heap and seem very cheerful. I can pick them out from the Dendrobaena because of their stripes.

  24. Madame Calteau

    I’ve used them for composting. They’re very happy in their new home.
    They were well packed and the instructions that came with them were great too. Shall be buying from you again.
    big thanks! !

  25. Mrs Farren

    The worms arrived a little later than expected (a day or two) due to the cm’s of snow that England isn’t quite used to dealing with yet 😉 However Yorkshire Worms obviously know what they are doing, as they were packaged really well. The worms were all alive, and very healthy. I put them straight into their new composting home and off they wriggled.

    I bought these a little over two weeks ago and I think they are doing well, as none have tried to escape, the ones I do see, when I open the box seem very active and healthy.

    I would definitely recommend Yorkshire Worms to any one wishing to purchase worms for whatever reason.

  26. Norman McCanch (verified owner)

    Excellent! Promptly delivered and very well packed. The worms arrived in superb condition and I was able to sort them into batches to go into my separate compost bins. They were active and within an hour were well spread throughout the top layers of waste. A few days later the surface of the compost was already visibly processed and brandlings were much in evidence well into the heap.

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