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As you might have guessed by our company name, we specialise in worms and know what it takes to grow and breed top-quality dendrobaena worms. Whether you are looking to reduce your kitchen waste, would like to set up your own compost heap but don’t have the space or are looking to give your garden plants a boost, then a wormery could be the perfect option. We offer wormery starter kits to help make building your first wormery as simple and straightforward as possible. Our wormery starter kits contain everything you need to create the perfect conditions for the important first stage of settling worms into their new home. Help make your wormery a success by keeping it simple, keep it cool, moist, well-ventilated, and adding scraps of food little and often, rather than throwing on loads at once.

In addition to wormery starter packs we also offer worm rescue packs which give you everything you need including worms, coir, and feed, to give your existing wormery a boost. Our kits can help you create the perfect conditions that your worms will love, and all our kits come complete with comprehensive instructions to give you the best advice on making your wormery a success.

Our wormery starter kits contain dendrobaena worms which can also be used to give your garden a boost. Simply dig a few trowel depths holes around your garden, place a small number of worms in each of the holes, and recover with the soil/grass and water them in. Your garden will benefit from the composting abilities of the worms which will help improve the quality of your soil.

Vermicomposting is one of the easiest ways to help reduce your food waste with wormeries providing an environmentally and convenient way to deal with household organic waste. Wormeries are very hygienic and can be placed in a kitchen cupboard, a shed, or a garage. All our wormery starter kits contain everything you need to get your first wormery up and running.

We have also now added a range of different variations and multi-packs of coir blocks, feed, and lime with options for kits with and without worms. These are particularly popular with existing wormery owners who already have plenty of worms and just need the supplies to keep their wormery in the best condition.

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100g Worms+Coir+Feed, 250g Worms+Coir+Feed, 350g Worms+Coir+Feed, 450g Worms+Coir+Feed, 500g Worms+Coir+Feed, 1Kg Worms+Coir+Feed, 2Kgs Worms+3 Coir Blocks+1kg Lime+1kg Feed, 4 Coir Blocks+2kg Feed+2Kg Lime (No Worms), 8 Coir Blocks+5kg Feed+5Kg Lime (No Worms)

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  1. chungchung97 (verified owner)

    Easy instructions & great starter pack. Prompt delivery even during covid delays in postage.

    Had my worms for about a month now they are thriving & settled in nicely. They really love banana skin & coffee grounds! (I got the 500g pack)

    Keeping worms has become a favourite hobby of mine now xx

  2. Plymfisher (verified owner)

    Very prompt, no problems at all, GT

  3. Helene (verified owner)

    Excellent Service and good quality product. Instructions are very easy to follow and the worms are very lively and already working ! Very good !

  4. barneybpd (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Instructions very easy to follow and had my wormery set up very quickly. Ian

  5. John Richardson

    very happy with purchase will be ordering again JR

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