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Trout Fishing With Worms

Ideal for trout fishing, Dendrobaena worms are acknowledged to be one of the best live baits to catch trout. These plump worms entice the fish, giving you a greater chance of getting the catch of the day.
Able to survive in cold water for prolonged periods of time, Dendrobaena worms are ideal for those fishing in brackish waters found in estuaries and fossil aquifers across the UK. 

Choose from our selection to meet your personal needs. We can supply a combination of large, small or mixed worms, at a quantity to suit you.

Our large fishing worms are grown for an additional four weeks. Fed our special worm fattening food these worms can reach approximately 8cm in length and weigh 1.5 grams plus.

Alternatively, from just £2.00 we can supply you with a variety of mixed worms. Ideal for not just trout fishing but reptile food, composting and wormeries, the varying sizes of each worm mean greater choice for you.

Place your order today. Delivery is inclusive of the price quoted. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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